“Our father grows tired. Yet we remain his faithful, his strong, his brave and his proud. For our Father we would climb any heights, defeat any foes. And have. Now, far below us, in the land of our Mothers, there is a foe. O, he is a foe indeed. So long as the Night reigns and all hope on Earth remains eternally eclipsed by sorrow and despair, the vision of our Father will continue to erode. Let us not abandon his greatest creation to darkness. Let us not leave the Realm Between to a cruel and blackened fate. Let us fall. Let us take up the Sword, the Bow, and the Staff. Let us fall. So we may rise above our Sins. Let us fall. Or may the guilt of global genocide drive you to madness. For I shall fall. I Fall for my Father, and for my Mother. For my Siblings and my Friends. For those I do not know and for those whom I shall one day. And for Me. I would walk the Road to Perdition a thousand times before I watch so much death and stay so silent. So fall with me, Brothers and Sisters, and know redemption.” -Vinsanthius, The Speech to the Demigods After The Reckoning

The 1st Child of Athos, Vinsanthius, Of the Shimmering Blade

Vinsanthius was born to the 12th Lord of The Vaesra, a great swordsmistress whose blade was said to shine through blood. When he was taken up to Heaven she gave the babe her famed blade so that he might “make Heaven shine all the brighter”. As he grew, so too did his prowess as a mage-warrior, making him nearly unstoppable. In combat he also displayed aptitude as a natural leader. Though highly favoured to be the chosen son of Athos, he was not chosen. However, he was the first to pledge to remain in Heaven to serve their father’s will.

At the outbreak of the The Great Plague he immediately suspected Nox. They had been enemies since their training in Heaven. He personally sent Elander, who returned with the tale of Nox’s betrayal. Athos refused to believe the tale and forbade the demigods in heaven to be involved lest the gates would be closed to them and they would never return, a fate suffered by those who left at the Apotheosis. It is said that Vinsanthius suffered 31 days of night terrors wherein the Earth Burned. On the 32nd Day he rallied the demigods in Heaven with a speech so passionate and well received that the demigods gathered that night and abandoned heaven for Earth to fight those they termed Noxarii ‘as all good Athosians must.’

In the war he led the Athosians to gallant victories all across the board, winning 7 of every 10 battles he fought. By war’s end he was considered by the mortals to be the greatest of the demigods, a status that remains upheld to the present. In Archaic Athosianism, he is demigod of battle, piety, and truth. In The Church of Athos Dominus, he is regarded as a Saint by the people and is the sole demigod who is unsmeared by the church’s hierarchy. Because of this he is the usual envoy between the church and the demigods in times of conflict or poor relations.

Presently, he resides at The Conclave acting as the Lord Commander of the citidel’s defence. He seldom ventures out, instead opting to train The Conclave’s defence force. When he does it is for important work pertaining to reopening the gates to Heaven in order to leave the Earth. While he does not loath the Earth nor it’s people, the praise they put upon him was unwanted. Yet he accepted, thinking it a duty to those he chose to protect. He is a much respected demigod, even by those who were his enemies in the War and to initiate battle with him is considered outright foolish.

Myths of Vinsanthius


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