The Realm of Athos

The Realm of Athos is the material plane, sometimes referred to as an (or in this case the) Earth. It is predominantly populated with humanoid creatures of different Races with a total population of near 270 Million. The surface area of the entire planet is around 30,000,000 sq ft. The majority of Athos is covered in saltwater, with several continents and island archipelagos throughout.

Natural Regions

There are 12 Major Regions in the whole Realm of Athos:

Athos Terrarum, The Great Continent of Man

Elandir, The Realm Hidden in the Trees

Brimir, Mountain Halls of the Dwarves

Sysitar, The Derelict Land of Darkness and Ruin

Cisplatina, The Liberated Lands Beyond the Expanse

Grashnak, The Planes of the Orcish Clans

Andarii, The Blackened Expanse

Corvasian Sea, The Golden Archipelago

Thrashkar, The Wildlands of the North

Zaragoza, The Scorched Island

Straits of Charon, The Path into the East

Alaran Ocean, The Great Unconquerable Blue


The sentient races of the Earth made by Athos at creation are:


For more information see Races.
On Athosian Origin of Species.


The History of the Realm is broken into Two Ages. The First being the Time of Athos and the Second being after the Fall of Nox.

See History for a timeline of information.

Calenders and Time on The Realm of Athos

There are two widely accepted calenders in The Realm of Athos. The Calendarius Universalis, a solar calendar measuring 364 days spread across 12 months, was established after The Reckoning as an alternate method to the old Sysitarean method. The Naxori Trimphaleon was the lunar method employed in the days of old Sysitar. It contains fourteen moon cycles. Each day is counted from zero (on which the moon is black) and marked in a lengthy book which dates time from the moment of creation. The original count of days was destroyed but copies (of varying quality and authenticity) exist in nearly every Athosian Court of note.

Days in the solar calendar is measured from sun up to sun up (or twilight to twilight in the case of the lunar method) for most people. Though, in major cities there have been (since 2000) attempts to create a standard twenty-four hour clock. This has met to minor and relative success. Grashnak has seen the greatest development in the standard implementation of a standard time and clock technology but only within dense urban centres.

Travel and Communication in The Realm of Athos

Travel is a common practice in the Realm with travel by foot, horse, caravan, and boat being the most popular and accessible. Airships are a once in a lifetime sight but do exist.

Communication is mostly through couriers on foot or horse but birds have also been trained to send messages quickly over long distances. While many birds may be trained to deliver messages the most popular means is the falcon, a smart, swift, and powerful bird capable of safe and rapid flight. Ravens, pigeons, doves, crows, and the occasional hawk make up other, though significantly less popular, forms of message deliverance.

Religion on The Realm of Athos

There are mostly Athosian and a few non-Athosian religions on Earth. Most are relative to each race and their relationship to Athos but there is a large range of practitioners regardless. Religion is a central part of Society and everyday life in the realm.

An element of the Realm’s supernatural history is that Athos had 150 Children who are immortal beings living on Earth. They are well known and many are visible actors in the various happenings of the Planet.

For a list of Demigods see Here.

See Religions for more information on Religions

Natural Miscellanea

Unique Flora in the Realm of Athos

Unique Fauna in the Realm of Athos

Natural Wonders

Cultural Miscellanea


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Other Realms and Dominions of Athos

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The Realm of Athos

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