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This FAQ is directed at players in the main storyline. If you are playing in the world of Athos, but are not part of The Party, see the ‘Other FAQ’ below!
Other Adventures FAQ


Q: What is the Realm of Athos?
A: Simply put, it’s a campaign being run in Dungeons and Dragons Fourth Edition. On a much deeper level, it is developing into an entire campaign setting where many different campaigns can take place. For History and more about The Realm of Athos, check out their pages! (Nick)

Q: How old, and what race should my character be?
A: You are roughly 6000 years old, and for the sake of role playing a greater world, we have chosen to eliminate several races. The races that remain are; Human, Elf, Eladrin(High Elf), Drow(Dark Elf), Half-Elf, Gnome, Pixie, Dwarf, Mul(Half-Dwarf), Orc, Half-Orc, Halfling(Half-Gnome). (Nick)

Q: We’ve been alive for over 6000 years, do I get any benefits?
A: Besides having a kickass backstory? Yes, you do. Please ‘house-rule’ add the languages Elven, Dwarven, Common, and Orcish (house rule language) to your languages in addition to the language you gain. (Nick)

Q: What are the rules and guidelines for my background?
A: You are one of the 150 Sons and Daughters of Athos. Your mother was chosen to produce wonderful offspring, and you are that child. After your birth, you were brought up to the heavens and trained for Apotheosis. During these younger years in training, you were given a title, such as “Warren, Keeper of the Peace.” After your brother Nox was chosen, and not you, you came down to Earth. Nox began a war. You either sided with Nox, with Athos or remained neutral. After Nox lost the war, you remained on Earth, unable(and perhaps unwilling) to return to the heavens. At some point during your time on Earth, you joined (or were forced to join) The Conclave. Other than that, your backstory is yours. If you killed demigods during the war, or after, keep in mind that doing so is quite a feat, and that only 12(excluding Nox) have died or been killed in 6000 years. (Nick)

Q: How much time should I put into my character?
A: The more you put, the more I will include the backstory. I plan on refrencing your character backrounds often, so please put lots of time into making your character incredibly detailed. (Nick)

Q: How often are we going to be playing?
A: Hopefully once a week or more starting mid-May, and through the magic of Skype/Google +, this should be relatively easy for players who are unable to make it in person. (Nick)

Q: What exactly are our equipment requirements? Number of magic items, gold, power of items, etc.? (Welch)
A: You should have a single +5 weapon/implement, and tier-5 +5 armor. In addition, you may add any magical item up to level 20. You also have 10AD, or 100,000gp to spend on other items. Leftover gold will be the gold you bring with you on the campaign. (Nick)

Q: Since we’ve been around so long, do we have any offspring running around?
A: Well, you may or you may not! Depending on how you write your backstory, you may have many or none at all! The offspring of demigods are more powerful than your average civilian, but not incredibly so. (Nick)

Q: I’ve made my character, now what?
A: Now add them to the list, choose a number, and attach a link to your character to the main page besides your name. Then sit back, add to the world, and await the start.


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