Titan's Drop

Located at the southern end of the Tears of Athos river as well as The Elysian Mountains, the village of Titan’s Drop stands. The village is falls into the Realm of Elysium on The Frozen Coast. Remarkably, though the ruling family’s holdfast, known as The Foot, is less than a league away from the town, few soldiers go to the town except for official business.

The town is connected to a road that leads through the Elysian Mountains, but this road has not been maintained well for the past thousand years, as travellers prefer the road around the mountains, and only follows through, staying clear of the capitol, Lethe.

The town maintains a well established militia, and has a mayor who runs the town. Watches are kept rarely, and the town for the most part does not fear anything in the nearby mountains.

Notable Shops

The town has a large inn, named “The Dancing Dragon Inn.” The town contains a large blacksmith and a marketplace where many merchants sell academical components from the nearby mountains. An enchanter lives in the town as well, and is able to create magical items of a simple nature with ease.

Titan's Drop

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