Excerpted from ‘Truths’ by the Deva, Dzrir

A soul is a small unit of natural energy. Souls may be bound to objects and people should a Soul Contract successfully be performed. Souls, as an energy source, can be harnessed into a rudimentary power amplifier. However, due to the tiny amount of energy per soul and the complexity of harnessing even one soul, using souls as an amplifier is a rarely heard method of increasing one’s powers. Together in large quantities, souls become exponentially unstable. As a result those who attempt to harness multiple souls run the risk of being corrupted by them*. The harnessing of soul energy as an amplifier is considered dark magic and is taboo, as well as an illegal study, in the realms of mortals.

Souls are also an important unit of Mystic importance. Upon the mystery of death, those souls deemed fit, ascend into Heaven while those who are not, descend into Hell. No one knows the exact reasoning behind why which souls end up where but, generally, there is a scaling done to class souls in their strength (amount of energy), or lack thereof. This, however, is not the defining definition of where a soul will go once the physical being dies. There are some higher classed souls who descend into Hell, and some lower classed who ascend to Heaven. That being said, Hell traditionally recieves souls with a significantly lower class average (Between Class I and II) than Heaven (Between Class III-IV).

The reason for this was told to Mortals before the Demigods were born. Athos said unto them, “I have given thee Souls, or the Might of Heaven, which shall guide and protect for all contain the powers of your own creation. Do good, and you shall find eternal peace. Do Evil, and Evil shall envelop thee. This is all I shall say, for I must be mystery and you must be its engine.” The fate of a soul is unknown except in circumstances where one is able to commune with the afterlife or know definitively if a Soul Contract has been made. In Heaven, Souls are stored in great gilded halls, sealed for all eternity. In Hell, they wander before, at the Second Gate of Dis, they are divided amongst the most powerful Devil Lords who jockey for more of the vessels of Athosian power. Some say Athos divided the souls for practical reasons, seeking only the purest of his creation to be given the pinnacle of His Love, others believe that it may have been remorse for sealing his Diabolic creations away which guided Him to give them the opportunity to carry out His Will.

Soul Levels

Each sentient creature is born with a single soul and it’s weight, or amount of energy within, is ranked through seven levels. Soul levels are the classes which are assigned to a soul based on its weight. Over a creature’s years that Soul weight, which at birth is near zero, is able to grow. Why is mostly a mystery. Each soul gives off an tiny bit of energy and the souls who give off more are classed higher than those who give off less. There are seven classes and each has a corresponding soul range. ā€˜iā€™ stands for ignatz, which is the Old Sysitarean for soul.

Class I: Less than .000000001i- .000000005i
Class II: .000000005i- .000000007i
Class III: .000000007i- .0000001i
Class IV: .0000001i- .0000005i
Class V: .0000005i- .000001i
Class VI: .000001i- .000005i
Class VII: Greater than .000005i

The highest soul ever weighed of a mortal man was .0000053732322345826723204948i.
The highest soul ever weighted of a demigod was .000234567555i, by Uruhua, The Heartbleeder. She is the only demigod to have allowed for a contract weighing.

Notes on Amplification

*In The Nine Hells, devils have mastered harnessing multiple souls in order to amplify their own power. As a result, infernal energy given to mortals, is mostly soul driven from the domain of the diabolic contractor. Few mortals have been able to properly harness multiple souls and demigods, though able to write Soul Contracts, are mostly unable to wield amplified souls. None know how to properly scale energies as the Devil lords have, as Hell remains sealed.


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