Skyros, the Apothecary

Skyros, an Orcish Demigod, is the son of Meldak’Ta Ru, a humble apothecary in the small village of Kambantem, in Northern Grashnak. Skyros took after his mother and sought to be a master apothecary. During the War of Failed Succession, he stayed neutral, choosing not to participate due to a lack of natural combat ability, coupled with a distaste to both Nox, and their father, Athos.

When Skyros’s mother, Meldak’Ta Ru, became terminally ill some years later due to an unknown disease, Skyros worked tirelessly to discover a cure. Sadly, after several months of waiting, his mother would later die in his arms before he could help her.

The disease that killed Meldak’Ta Ru went on to become the Plague of Lavender, which would kill thousands of Orcs before Skyros himself discovered the antidote. The Demigod would go on to become a hero among the Grashnaki people, but he was unsatisfied by his discovery, knowing the blood of thousands, including his mother, was on his hands. Skyros soon disappeared from civilization and lived in isolation for the next thousand years. He spent these years honing his skills, soon becoming one of the most elite apothecaries in the realm.

After a millennium in solitude, Skyros returned to civilization. Remarkably, he soon encountered his brother, Cogidubnus, in the Grashnaki city of Nazza’Kar. Cogidubnus informed him of the existence of The Conclave, an appropriate place for Skyros to continue his studies. Upon visiting the home of many of his brothers and sisters, Skyros decided to reside on the island as their chief apothecary and herbalist.


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