Ricard Carreon

Carreon is cold, calculating, and most of all, hungry. Millennia of wisdom have turned his brain into a well-oiled machine. His mind is a true example of capability found only in children of the Divine Father.

-Psychoanalysis of Ricard Carreon, c. 2e 4256

The Thirty-First Child of Athos, the Proud Son

Ricard Carreon is the demigod son of Athos and Elena Carreon, then Queen of the Kingdom of Turodor, a territory located on the western coast of Elandir. As a child, Carreon gained the favor of many of his siblings. However, he was unable to gain the kind of power amongst his peers that the likes of Vinsanthius, Oberon, and Nox possessed. Defeated in his power struggle in Heaven, Carreon descended to the Realm of Athos at his first opportunity in an attempt to gain power and influence among the mortals of his home Kingdom.

Carreon arrived, unannounced, at the palace of Elena Carreon, still Queen of Turodor, in 1e 1025. He was easily able to sneak past his mother’s oafish guards en route to the throne room. Elena Carreon’s slaying was quick and relatively painless. When the guards turned to attack their master’s murderer, they immediately recognized the identity of their target, and were compelled to drop their weapons. Ricard Carreon’s ascension to the throne was met with little resistance.

As Divine King of Turodor, Carreon’s military efforts have come with mixed results. In 2e 1005, Carreon conquered a piece of land on the west coast of Elandir from the Dark Elves of Desolace. This territory is still under control of the Kingdom. In 1007, Carreon seized the southern coast of the continent, which he would lose to Romatans invaders in 2e 2510. Carreon’s kingdom once held this land, as well as many of the southern Romatan Islands, and the dreary forest which is now controlled by Desolace.

Carreon is oppressive and rules over his people with an iron fist. Living conditions in Turodor are the worst of anywhere on the continent, mostly due to his incompetence on issues regarding public wellness and health. Carreon plans to rule over Turodor until his death, and there are not many in the Kingdom who would choose to usurp him.

Ricard Carreon

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