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What makes the Realm of Athos different from a regular D&D Campaign? Well, there are a few things you should know.

Player FAQ

If you’re playing any character in The Realm of Athos, there are a few things to know. We’ve totally revamped the classic D&D gods system, and created one of our own. In addition, there are some racial restrictions and changes on Divine classes.

Q: Are there any restrictions on my character?
A: Yes, some. You should be aware of the way different races are treated in Athos. None are entirely off-limits, but some require in-depth backstories and should be cleared with your DM before playing. Anything in Tier 4 or the Special Tier should be checked.

Q: What level can I be? I’d like to start as a badass.
A: Again, there are some restrictions. Part of having such a huge world based off of demigods is that they don’t allow some things to happen. You shouldn’t expect your party to make it into the Paragon Tier (levels 11-20) without being confronted by demigods. Most games will consist of level 1-11 characters. If you plan on playing a campaign higher, your DM should have a reason why the demigods aren’t hunting you, or you should be demigods.

Q: Will I interact with demigods? Can we kill them?
A: Not really. Demigods may come and go as they choose, but most of the time they will not interfere with regular mortals unless they are a threat. As for killing them, the average demigod will be about ten levels or more above you. Expect to have things go poorly for you.

Q: What if I want to be a divine character, like a paladin or cleric?
A: You can still play these classes! As a character who draws their power from a divine source, you should worship Athos and be a ‘Good’ aligned character. If you want to be aligned to something else, or just not to Athos, then choose a virtue to draw your power from. Paladins can draw their strength from ideas such as Honor or Justice. All divine characters can do this in the Realm of Athos. Check with your DM on the legitimacy of your virtue.

Pages You Should Read
(In order of importance)

The Realm of Athos
Races (And your individual race’s page)
150 Sons and Daughters of Athos
The Reckoning

If you have any questions, feel free to direct them to your DM!


As a DM in the world of Athos, several things are different than a classic D&D campaign. For instance, you cannot entirely shape the world as you see fit. The positives of this are that you have a great base to work off of, and many things have already been created for you to work with. This limits your creativity, but only slightly! Many adventures can still be had.

Q: What level should my players be?
A: They should start as low as they feel comfortable with. Yes, being level 1 is tedious but it also offers a great opportunity to explore the world. Because of the relationship of the demigods with the world, the Regulators do their best to eliminate all beings above Level 11 for personal safety reasons. There should be a very good reason for them to be a higher level. Check with several of the original players before proceeding.

Q: How do demigods interact with the world?
A: For the most part, they don’t. They enjoy doing their own thing, and prefer to not draw too much attention to themselves for the most part. However, every demigod is different and acts differently.

Q: How can I include spirit fuel in my campaign?
A: Spirit Fuel will likely exist while your party is playing. Double check any questions with Nick before involving this source into your campaign.

Q: My party really wants to be a race that is incredibly rare. What should I do?
A: Unless you able to create a complex reason for them to exist, the world of Athos may not be for them. Let them know that they will be treated very strangely everywhere they go. While a Pixie may be able to get by without too much thought, a party of Genasi will receive strange looks and questions everywhere they go. Plan for this accordingly, and if it is too much for you then Athos may not be for them.

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