“We used to joke with him that he’d sooner control the skies than grow over four feet. But he did one of those, and he hasn’t grown another inch to this day.”

The Twenty-Ninth Child of Athos, Raincaller

Being a Gnome has never been easy, and although a demigod, life as a gnome is difficult. However, during the years of training in the heavens the gnomes and halflings often stuck together, and were able to form a tight bond. During his younger years, his friends would often joke about Merkis and the weather. He would dance around in it as a young gnome, and continued to do so for many years of his life. But after a while, the months spent outdoors began to grant him a gift. He slowly began to be able to predict the weather several days in advance, and eventually the joke went around that he was not just predicting the weather, but controlling it.

During a particularly violent confrontation with Jorah, it is said that the skies began to crackle with thunder as Markis’ fury rose. Whether or not this is true is still unknown.

During the War of Failed Succession, like many of the gnomes he stayed away from the combat. Once The Conclave was founded, he joined like the rest of his siblings. When the time came for him to participate in the Regulators he did, but none have seen his supposed weather controlling, but his predictions remain perfect as ever.

During the battle against the Storm’s forces, Merkis died in battle. His face was torn from the club of a titan, fallen beside him. Of the three fallen demigods on the field, Merkis was attempted on the third day. On the third day, his body was reformed, though his soul was lost.


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