Imani Blink

“Now, pull out your sword, slowly. Put the point against your chest. Now push it in. Much better.”

The Fourth Child of Athos, Mind Bender

While many of Athos’ children chose to focus on their own strength or magical prowess, Imani Blink chose instead to manipulate the power of others. From a young age, she learned to use her innate arcane talent to control the minds of her foes. By using their own strength against them, she was able to successfully cause her enemies to fight one another. As well as using her size to hide, she can create sounds in the area, followed by creating riots from her mind control abilities.

During the War of Failed Succession, Imani Blink refused to take sides. Like many, she instead spent the time during the war exploring the world her father had created, and learning the ways of its people. However, after the destruction of Sysitar and the near eradication of the Pixie race, she made a vow to never again manipulate a Pixie’s mind, for all of their race had already dealt with enough.

Imani Blink

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