The 15th Child of Athos: Silk Fingers

Excerpt from Eleyna’s Diary
I often wondered why I had been chosen. After all, Gnomes are simply inferior. Father told us that at the dawn of time, and it has been true ever since. I don’t deserve to be here with the others, I don’t have a chance. Father should have chosen someone else.

Born to a gnomish Mother, Eleyna considered herself to be a lesser creature for most of her life. During earlier training exercises, Eleyna would insist on going last, because she was not as skilled as the other children. However, she showed excellent aptitude with her weaving ability, and soon was the most skilled tailor of all the demigods. However, she still downplayed her talent as being useless, and proceeded to feel cast out.

During the war, Eleyna planned on not choosing a side. However, Nox came to her and told her about her father. He told her that he made her a failure on purpose, but that she was much more than that. He gave her confidence and convinced her that she was an important demigod. Nox convinced her to his side.

Eleyna died during the war, injuries were caused by an unknown source. The Noxarii that knew her during her last days claimed that she had been happier then than she had ever been before.


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