“And you, my faithful servants
Shall be the shepherds to my children
And guardians of my power
Protect the strength of my sons
Defend the honor of my daughters
And Athos looked upon his seraphs
Emblazoned in majestic purple
Rise, my creations, and know
Though you are not my kin
You are mine own”
Excerpted from the Book of Liviches

Created in the heavens by Athos before the completion of racial development on Earth, roughly in the year 347 of the First Age. Deva built similarly to humans, but also have a distinct aura that surrounds them, and their skin color is a unique purple hue. The Deva acted as seraphs, or angels to Athos but several currently live away from the heavens on Earth, to preach Athos’ praise.


The Deva were created by Athos in the year 347 of the First Age in order to serve him, and to show his presence to the world which he had created. These Deva would freely come and go between the heavens and the Earth, able to communicate directly with Athos himself. This lead to a large and dedicated following to Him.
After the Speech of Succession, the Deva left the world and ascended into heaven to serve as hands for Athos and to oversee directly the raising and training of his children. Once Nox was chosen, the Deva expected to return to the Earth in order to teach the praises of Athos once more, but only a small number were sent, and the rest remained in the heavens to ensure the happiness of the children who remained. However, once the War of Failed Succession broke out, most of the Deva were sent to fight in the battle, unawares that the gates of heaven would close behind them, and leave them doomed to remain on Earth.


Deva are able to avoid falling prey to death like many other creatures, due to their divine nature. When seriously ill or when slain, a Deva will die, and it’s soul ascends to the sky. Originally, it was believed that this would be to return to heaven. However, since the gates have closed, this soul will drift back to the Earth and find a beautiful secluded area, where the Deva will be reborn. When reborn, the Deva retains some of its previous memories, but only a few specifics. It always knows its own name, and that it was created to praise Athos.

Deva who choose to work against Athos and die will not meet the same fate. Once killed, a corrupted Deva will be born again, but as a Rakshasa. These creatures live their entire lives in torment, and lose their previously graceful form and take on a catlike appearance. Resurrection still occurs, but the soul merely leaves and finds a safe place to regenerate, and is unable to even knock at the gates of heaven. Once a Deva becomes a Rakshasa, they are unable to return to their previous state.

Resurrection can be stopped by specially created Rathakarian Blade. The legend says that these blades are forged by a Deva who sought to defeat his brothers who should turn against him. It is told that in each blade is stored the soul of every Deva that has been killed by it, and these souls is only released once the blade has been destroyed by Athos himself. While reportedly a mere five exist in the world, many believe this to be a false legend.

In the Present

Currently, few Deva remain in the public vision of the Earth. Some serve various religions, but all that do are unsure exactly of what is true of Athos due to their impaired memories. Others travel the world giving praise to Athos, and several serve at The Conclave, intent on watching and guarding the children which their creator fathered.


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