Excerpted from the Encyclopaedia Athorium

The Magnificent Seven

There are Seven Archknights in the Knights of Iscariot who each administer one region on Athos Terrarum. They are each the most respected knights in paramilitary wing of The Church of Athos Dominus. Each is incredibly powerful and intelligent. Occasionally they work together on important missions and may be given Orders themselves by the Athori.

Current Archknights and their Dominions

Nero Irae- Archknight of Troix
Avarus Argentii- Archknight of Meridem
Luxuria Steelfoot- Archknight of Elysium
Cruor Superbiae- Archknight of Alara
Invidius Dragnotes- Archknight of Oradem
Acedia Vinterfrust- Archknight of Tartarus
Gulus Goldthumb- Archknight of the Foreign Realms (Retitled in 6026 from Archknight of the Andarii)


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