The 70th Child of Athos, The Wordsmith

I’ve always considered myself to be a man of the world. And the one thing that the world needs, is men with the words to soothe them. A single word can start a war, or end one. A silver tongue speaks golden words, and the sweetest syllables come from the most elegant men.

Araris’ birth began with the elegance of convincing that he became so well known for. It is said that his mother was originally not chosen to bear one of Athos’ children, but that she was able to convince him that she was a much better candidate than her sister. Araris took after his mother, and was born with her ability to bend words to a chosen purpose.

During his training, Araris would often spend time debating with the Deva on which weapons merited training. He would argue that wands lack the finesse of orbs, or that swords were much more sophisticated than axes. While he would constantly engage in friendly debate with his teachers, he did not neglect the arts. Araris became skilled in combat as well as the healing and mystical arts. When separated into teams for training, Araris was able to fill any role, and excelled in all of them.

After The War of Failed Succession, Araris spent much time on Earth searching for his fellow brothers to convince them to join The Conclave. When not inhabiting the island of the The Conclave, Araris spends his time amassing wealth, and has become on of the most wealthy of the demigods. His skill with words allows him to consistently sell high and buy low.

Araris currently serves in The Conclave as the Chamber’s Second Voice, and conveys the message of the assembled demigods to all those in the chamber aloud. He is often called upon to announce Regulator duty, but has no part in the decision making process except the announcements to be made.


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