The 79th Child of Athos: Kinslayer

A blinding flash is nearly all I can remember. Most are gifted with forgetting childhood, but mine own is forever burned in my mind. With the first breath of air, many children make their way in the world. The small, the great, the quick and noble alike. But when I greeted the world, my lungs were filled with magic, not air. And with my first breath, I destroyed the town in which I lived, my family, my brothers and my sisters. And the first face I saw was that of my brother, delivering me into this Earth, and his look of horror as he was annihilated.

Excerpt from the diary of Alerinth

Born to the most adept female magician of her time, it was expected by Athos and many of his seraphs that the child would be one of the most skilled children, and there were high expectations for his success. However, his birth was a tragedy, and mere moments after his coming into the world, he released an incredible psionic blast, reducing his home and several nearby to dust.

During his training, the child Alerinth was one of the most difficult of all the children. He refused to train in physical combat, and would often try to run away to stick with his studies. He was often picked on by the other children, and would often run to corners and cry. While he tried to go to his father for support, Athos was often busy with all his children, and refused to allocate more time to one than the other.

During one of his earlier magical training sessions, he refused to practice. Upset by this, a seraph told him, “If you do not learn to control your power, you may very well destroy hundreds more lives such as you did to your family.” This brought on not only a mass of tears, but also made him a mockery in front of many of the children. A previous nickname for him had been, “The Weak”, but it was quickly replaced with the title of “Kinslayer.”

In the War of Failed Succession, Alerinth was one of the first to side with his father. But when it came to battle, he was one of the last to go and fight. In the war, he found himself face to face with Nox on the planes of Sysitar, the brother who had turned on his own father. He was able to knock him down, but as he began the a killing blow, Nox turned and shouted, “Kinslayer”, stunning Alerinth for long enough for Nox to shove a dirk into the side of his skull, killing the demigod.


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