Valenae, the Siren

The Corsair of Trade, The Unlawful, The Storm, Outlander of the Demigods, The Wise


Born from Athos and a high-elf mother Valenae was one of the last of the Demigods to come into the Realm Of Athos. For only a few hours she was raised by her mother in Elandir until one day when she was still very young she was offered up to Athos to begin her training to become a Demigod. Being one of the youngest of the Demigods she found it difficult to train and live with them. The other Demigods always treated her like an outcast and they made sure that she didn’t want to be there. Her young mind was corrupted by a mixture of hormones and a need to prove herself and be accepted by the other demigods. She decided that the only way to prove herself and to finally fit in with the rest of the demigods was to be able to physically best them. For almost all of the time she spent training with the Deva she focused on training her body beyond the peak of its abilities.

After she completed her training with the Deva she wasn’t satisfied with her abilities and thirsted for more power. Although Nox was chosen at Apotheosis, she still seeked to increase her own power. She left the Heavens to go live amongst the mortals to try to better herself even more and figure out a way to prove herself to her brothers and sisters. Whilst living among the mortals of the Realm she became part of the Stormraiders where most of her legends and legacy were made. The Stormraiders, a heavily feared group of ruthless and unlawful pirates, had a very strict hierarchy and set of rules that Valenae knew she needed to abide to. She was able to disguise her identity as a Demigod while she was among them so she could move up, unbiasedly, through their ranks. Eventually she became one of the most infamous captains of the Stormraiders where her combat skills were tested against some of the best warriors in the realm who were trying to protect the trade routes of the seas. During her time with the Stormraiders she never lost a battle while raiding trade ships. This earned her a spot as one of the greatest and most feared captains to ever be a part of the Stormraiders. When she finally felt satisfied with her physical form and combat abilities she revealed her true identity to the Stormraiders. Much to her relief the Stormraiders didn’t feel disrespected or betrayed, but rather honored and vowed their loyalty to her.

After leaving the Stormraiders she returned to open civilization to challenge the Demigods and show her physical prowess. In the year 1037 of the First Age, she created an open challenge to all her brothers and sisters. The challenges were seen by a direct threat to the home of the Demigods and were met with a massive resistance of all of the Demigods that could contribute to subdue her. She was outnumbered almost 75 to 1 and suffered a humiliating defeat, and she was disowned by Athos and all of the Demigods.

To avoid further conflict she moved as far aways from the Demigods as she could and began a new life. After losing the battle with the other Demigods she realized that physical strength wasn’t the only thing you needed to be great and revered. Immediately Valenae began training her mind to become a better person and try to rid herself of the pirate reputation that she had deservingly earned.

About three years of having no contact with the Demigods and her father Athos she learned of Nox’s abuse of his power. This caused the Demigods to erupt into conflict over who they would side with in the upcoming war. Valenae didn’t care either way, because on one hand she had a certain hatred for her father for disowning her and for not intervening in her younger years, but on the other hand she also hated her brothers and sisters and knew they wouldn’t want her to side with them either. She decided to avoid anymore unwanted publicity that she would just lay low and dodge anything related to the war. For the next twelve years she avoided everything and became a hermit training both her body and mind attempting to better herself.

Once the war was settled she came out of hiding and started teaching the mortals of the Realm. At first many of them were apprehensive to speak to the infamous Captain Valenae much less look to her for advice, but she persevered and kept doing good deeds and helping people in need and earned the respect of the people. She slowly became a wise sage and gave people much needed advice based on her many life experiences. During this transition period, the demigods found her, and forced her to join them in The Conclave, or die. Unwillingly, she was forced to join them, but kept her involvement at a minimum. She consistently missed every third meeting of The Conclave, and only did her minimum duties with the Regulators, making her interactions with her siblings at a minimum. She was perfectly fine with this though because she didn’t have any desire to be a part of that life anymore. Although her great wisdom made her realize that her hatred for her father and brothers and sisters was childish and a bit selfish, she still never really forgave them for treating her so poorly and she wouldn’t mind if she was done with them forever.

It has been six thousand years since the war and the drama of all the demigods and she still remains completely out of touch with all of them. The last time anyone saw her outside of The Conclave she still resided in a small village not far from her home of Elandir. She is well on her way to becoming one of the wisest sages of all of the realms and has started to turn around her reputation as a pirate.

Myths and legends of Valenae

The Storm Bringer

“…and as if out of the fog of the storm itself came a ship. A Stormraider ship. I recognized the flag as Hers. I knew I had lost everything.” – Garai, the gem merchant

This was a tale that the merchants would tell each other to try and scare away new merchants from using the same routes as the seasoned veterans on the seas. The tale was that when merchants would sail across the sea a storm would start forming. At first it would seem like any other storm on the open sea but it would quickly escalate to unbearable wind and fog would completely surround the ship so the captain would get completely disoriented and get flustered while trying to navigate his ship through the awful storm. Just when the ships crew thought it couldn’t get any worse the ship would appear. It was nicknamed The Horrid Dream by the sailors that experienced it because it would turn the nightmare of sailing in a storm that bad into an absolute terror. When sailors saw the ship appear they new it was over. Most would abandon ship, but the brave ones that stayed to try to fend off the attackers would be laid to waste by the most fearsome pirate of them all. The Storm.

The Predictor of the Future

“I have never in all of my years seen someone as wise as her. It baffles me. Villagers go to her for advice on, well, anything and she is quick to give a solution and it always works. Incredible.” – Casius, Village Elder

These tales stem from many of the villagers that went to advice from Valenae. No matter what the villagers went to her for her advice would always be one hundred percent correct. After a villager visited her they would go about doing whatever she had told them and it would work out perfectly. The villagers had never seen anything like it. Before her they had the elders, who, were very wise, but were sometimes wrong. Valaenae was never wrong, or so it seemed. The villagers couldn’t explain it and they couldn’t explain them which caused rumors about how she could “see the future”.

Valenae, the Siren

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