Simon Bloom, The Labyrinth

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From the information I have been able to put together Simon Bloom was brought into the world just like every other demi-god. He had a mother, 150 half brothers and sisters and a father who had expectations he could never meet. His mother had two other children older than Simon. Who they were is unknown to anyone but Simon. Their only remnant is a set of three graves on an island in the Alaran Ocean. Supposedly there is a new set of flowers planted there every 10-20 years.
Simon Bloom was paired in a group of three other demi-gods during their training. Each of them have varying opinions on the wizard that they weren’t afraid to share with historians in past centuries.

-“Bloom is an idiot! I can’t talk to him without getting into a tussle. So when we need each other in battles we stay silent.” Kraven Solur (LXI, The One Man Army or as Simon has called him The Zoo Keeper) 3470 of the Second Age

-“Simon may act like a hot headed dragon, but he really hates fighting. Can’t stand it. Oh he’ll get his hands dirty; I mean he will really stick both his hands in a puddle of the most disgusting filth you could imagine if the situation calls for it, doesn’t mean he likes doing it.” Yagal Fruck (XCIV, The Blue Tower) 1014 of the Second Age

-“Once I heard the name given to Simon, The Labyrinth, I couldn’t imagine anything more suited to him. Not only as a man who quite literally controls the area you’re fighting in, but as a man who can get so lost in his own head that I’m not sure he’s ever found a way out.” Savan Couler (XCV, The Red Tower) 3456 of the Second Age

In the early years of the Second Age Simon Bloom worked to explore the world; to find the secrets kept hidden during the First Age. He wrote several journals on what he found. Of course I, as any respected scholar, have read all 24, and counting. Journals which discuss such subjects as how to sail in different parts of the world, breads of creatures from almost every island, different forms of magic and religion, he even wrote a journal on the way the sunset looks from hundreds of different perspectives. As the years blew by Simon went through thousands of crew members, sailed to hundreds of islands (most at least twice), and became terribly disconnected from the world. By the year 2000 of the Second Age, Simon Bloom had no idea of the history of the world since Nox fell, other than what his demi-god siblings had briefly told him during the meetings of the Conclave. In order re-assimilate himself back into the world, Simon Bloom let his crew go and preformed his duties as a demi-god for the Conclave as a Regulator. He did this for 100 years before realizing that to take orders was beneath him. He prepared a new crew of explorers and set forth to find the secrets he had overlooked.

Finally in the year 3021 of the Second Age Simon Bloom walked into the Maze of Sevtgar (an underwater labyrinth, very few had heard of it before this and those that did never escaped it) alone. He came out 2 years later with a woman, Nilma Brutys, the Immortal One. (This woman was, by some magical force, immortal. She could not age. No one is entirely sure why Simon found her in the Maze of Sevtgar. I like to imagine that she had the same sense of adventure as Simon.) For the next year Simon Bloom was known as the Maze Conqueror, but that name didn’t exactly stick. It was hard to find a better name than the Labyrinth. Simon fell in love with Nilma. “If I could describe our love in any way it would be ‘eternal’. In the end that is what we both wanted, someone that wouldn’t go and die on us.” –Nilma Brutys, The Immortal One, 3247 of the Second Age

Their relationship brought many followers wishing to find immortality from Nilma and protection from Simon. An entire kingdom was formed on an island close to Andarii, with Simon and Nilma as the chosen rulers. This was known as the Realm of the Immortals, but other civilizations called it the Clump of the Aged in jest. This all occurred within two years after their escape from the maze. When the Realm of the Immortals was attacked, Simon was said to have trapped his enemies within a labyrinth created by his own magical prowess. It was once said that if you weren’t killed by The Labyrinth you would forever be lost in it.

In the year of 4000 of the Second Age a terrible travesty occurred. A kingdom just as new as the Realm of the Immortals had been created, it was called the Vast Lands of Flaque (a warrior who had murdered thousands in his time, this is who the new civilization based their society on.) In an attempt to conquer the Realm of the Immortals a fleet of ships was sent off. Simon Bloom appeared before the fleet and crushed them. Their ships and bodies lost to the seas, though some would say ‘Lost in the Labyrinth.’ After Simon’s victory he returned to his home only to find that he had underestimated the size of the Vast Land’s forces. The ships he fought had been a distraction. While Simon fought away from his home a larger fleet came from behind and brought destruction with it. Even Nilma who couldn’t age, was not immune to the cruel deeds of man and was murdered. Grief stricken from the murder of Nilma and the destruction of his people, Simon Bloom let himself be captured by the King of the Vast Lands. He was imprisoned in a library he had built for 1000 years. He was allowed to participate in the meetings of the Conclave whenever they occurred, but only through an illusion that he could use to listen and respond with; though during these years he said few words.

The Library was protected magically so he could not escape by any means. Now that Simon has escaped he speaks openly about his experience in the Library; about what he read and learned, about the secrets of the world that had been hidden in his own Library. He even speaks of the despair he felt. The only thing he has never been quoted on was his escape. From what past scholars have been able to learn somewhere between the years 4600 to 5000 of the Second Age, Simon found and preformed a ritual that opened a portal to what could have been the realm of Athos. No one knows how long he could have been there and personally I don’t think Simon Bloom knows himself. All that matters though is that he used this portal to escape the Library.
-“It was a normal day, nothing was happening just like always. But suddenly the sky opened up and out fell a man. This man stood up and looked me in the eyes. The moment I saw those green eyes I knew exactly who it was, but before I could warn anybody I was surrounded by walls. Once the Labyrinth appeared in front of me I was trapped, and I haven’t been able to get out of it since.” –Markus Grash (A guard of the Library, later in life known as the Trapped Pirate) 5043 of the Second Age

Within the next twenty-four hours, Simon Bloom disbanded the Vast Lands of Flaque, which had not become much larger than it was 1000 years ago. He took the ruling King, who was related to the king that threw Bloom in the Library and Killed Nilma, and imprisoned him within the Library. No one has dared to enter it since then in fear of what the Labyrinth may have turned it into. Considering that Simon never locked the Library after the Vast Land’s King was thrown in and the doors haven’t opened since, I think it’s a fair assumption that the Library is not safe to enter.

Now within the year 5769 of the Second Age the Labyrinth spends his days as a pirate. His desire to be completely free has lead him to become the greatest of all pirates. Every year Simon’s crew gets larger. He has shown no aspiration for causing trouble, just to do as he pleases. In all my years of study I have met several demi-gods multiple times, but Simon Bloom I have only met once. In that time I asked him a question, and I swear by the dead God, Athos himself that I can’t remember what I asked, only what he answered with:
-“Do you see that setting Sun? Isn’t it incredible? I have no need for anything else.” Simon Bloom (XIX, The Labyrinth) 5732 of the Second Age

These have been excerpts from The Tales of the 149 by Ralggrah Krontygar, the Scholar from the Mountains

Simon Bloom, The Labyrinth

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