The Realm of Athos Welcomes You

Welcome to The Realm of Athos, a world filled with wonder and adventure around every turn! The Party consists of a group of the sons and daughters of Athos, the creator of the world. While they have spent many years living peacefully after the War of Failed Succession over several thousand years ago, things have begun to change. Their brother Nox, another child of Athos has returned. When last seen, he was granted incredible power from their father and used this power to annihilate nearly the entire Pixie race, and turned their homeland of Sysitar into a barren wasteland.

The party is fighting to stop their brother Nox from returning to power, and his power seems to have some connection to an energy nicknamed Spirit Fuel that is given off by certain objects known as The Great Urns. Currently, the party is seeking to stop Nox from gaining more power.

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Athos: The Return

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