The Party

“We’ve always spent our lives separated into groups of four or five. Why should this be any different?”
-Random, The Wanderer

The current party consists of:

Anatolius, The Azure Inferno

A human warlock, Anatolius was born of Athos and the human water-dancer Nasriel. He took no side in the War of Failed Succession, but chose rather to refuse both his brother and father. He is well known for his flaming sword, and is excellent at dealing destructive damage. He joined the party slightly unwillingly, and was chosen at random to join them to search for Warren and Rakaris. He has been with the party since Session I.

Oberon, The Light of Athos

One of the last surviving pixies, Oberon’s birth on Sysitar was one of the most proud moments of the land’s history. During the great war, he stood beside his father and fought valiantly against those who would deny him. A pacifist healer, Oberon prefers to weaken his foes and strengthen his allies rather than to draw blood. He volunteered to join the group to search for their lost brethren. He has been with the party since Session I.

Simon Bloom, The Labyrinth

Simon Bloom is one of the most mysterious of the demigods. A human wizard, Simon excels at creating walls and difficult situations for his foes. He took no side in the great war, and spent many years sailing the world. He recently became aware of several of his descendants, the most prominent being his great-great-grandson, Harker. He volunteered to search for the lost demigods, and has been with the party since Session I.

Vondal Kildrak, The Shield of Athos

A stout and hefty dwarf, Vondal fights with a shield given to him personally by his father. He fought with his father against Nox, and afterwards began a lifelong search for the remnants of his mother’s clan. He found some of them, but was called to The Conclave and volunteered to find his lost brothers. He has been with the party since Session I, but was knocked out through Session III and went missing along with Random is Session IV. He has not been seen since.

Uruhua, The Heartbleeder

A battle hardened halfling, Uruhua stands a few feet short of her siblings. She excels at defending herself and her allies, and is as stubborn as she is strong. During the great war, she sided with her brother Nox because of her father’s hatred for gnomes. After the war, she spent many years on the Frozen Coast fighting in gladiator pits. She has been with the party beginning in Session I, but away from the party since Session VI.

Random, The Wanderer

Random is one of the most unreliable of the demigods. When last seen, he fought as a swordmage. During the great war, Random hid and denied both sides. He spent many years fighting under the Regulators, and eventually travelled the world. He was forced to seek out the party solo by decree of the Regulators. He was with the party for Session III and some of IV before he disappeared along with Vondal. He reappeared to the party in Session VI, and remained until XIV where he was turned to stone, and returned again in Session XXII. During the events of Session XL he was lost during a battle with Behemoth.

Valanae, The Siren

Valanae chose no side during the war, instead she chose to try to be left alone. After she got humiliated by her fellow brothers and sisters she was barely heard from except for at meetings in the Conclave. After missing a scheduled meeting and the emergency meeting everyone became suspicious to her whereabouts. The party stumbled upon her being experimented on with Spirit Fuel in Session XVI.

Party Notes

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The Soul Contract Between Anatolius and Uruhua

After the party escaped the chamber where they were exposed to Spirit Fuel, they encountered Nox. The party was put on edge immediately when Uruhua began reasoning with Nox, whom she had once called her Lord when she fought for him in the War of Failed Succession. Once the battle had ended, the Party, led by Anatolius, demanded she chose a side once and for all. Quickly, when the words became too much, Oberon and Simon Bloom stepped away from the argument, leaving her fate in the hands of Anatolius. They argued over lost love, gold, power, and, ultimately, struck a deal. To satiate his doubts, Anatolius suggested a binding Soul Contract. Uruhua decided that this path would also allow her to achieve her goal and accepted on conditions that Anatolius be sworn to help her free her people after Nox was dealt with. The language of the contract can be found here:
The Spiritual Cession of Uruhua

The Party

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