The Great Urns

As told by Golagoraraxx, The Great Urns have power which is incomprehensible. They emit an energy The Party refers to as Spirit Fuel that has been harnessed by both the party and Nox. The power of a single Urn has been known to level entire castles, specifically the Urn of Annihilation and the destruction of The Conclave. Seven Urns are believed to exist, and the known locations are listed below.


Urn of Power on The Frozen Coast
Urn of Annihilation on Sysitar
Urn of Creation in The Labyrinth
Urn of Deception on Alara
Urn of Vision on Elandir
Urn of Frailty on Brimir
Urn of Athos in Heaven

Symbol of the Urns
Six points represent the six earthly Urns
Three Arrows enclosed in a circle are those with guardians
The Center is the Final Piece, the source of Athos’ power


The Great Urns

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