The Regulators are a force within The Conclave designated with the tasks of preventing the deaths of the demigods. The group is formed of the Sons and Daughters of Athos on a rotating duty of fifty year terms. This instils a lasting duty between siblings to protect their kind from extinction. Although they have failed previously, such occurrence is a rarity and the group is highly recognized as the protectors of the demigods.

The Regulators abilities are heavily focused on combat, but also includes a basic knowledge of healing, and nearly all of its members are skilled enough in the healing arts to stabilize a dying demigod until a more powerful healer is able to restore them.

As their creed points out, the Regulators are bound to protect the lives of demigods, and exist for one sole reason, to prevent the deaths of anymore of their siblings from both external and internal threats. The group has often been criticized by the citizens of the several lands because of their harsh treatment of non-demigods. It is often said that a Regulator will watch your throat be silt and your purse robbed, and lift not even a finger to protect you. While this is not true for all members, the majority prefers to stick to their job of protecting demigods, and thus themselves.

The Regulators also deal with internal conflict between demigods. The creed requires them to mediate the conflict while The Conclave attempts to resolve the issue peacefully. In the event an issue is not solved, the Regulators are given authorization by a full vote in order to protect the majority of the demigods. This has only occurred once.

The group’s size has been consistently at twenty members or fewer. This size was chosen in order to give the group enough power to contend against a group of devoted followers, but not enough in order to overthrow The Conclave itself.

Current Members


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