And on that day so many years ago
When Father told the world to halt
He recognized 6 of himself,
So I guess we could say it’s his fault.
Why, Athos, the flying one?
Why the greedy bastard buzzing in my ear?
If I ever see a pixie in these parts
I’ll drown that shithead in my beer!

-Racist bar song

Pixies are an endangered race. When The Great Plague eradicated the population of Sysitar, it took with it the great majority of the Pixie population, as Sysitar was the land the Pixies called home. In present time, the pixies that remain in The Realm of Athos are hard to be found, making up a very small percent of the world’s population.

The Pixies are a sophisticated race. Many of them have acquired great wealth through their superior intelligence. Many large businesses in The Realm are headed by Pixies. However, many Pixies reject civilization and live in the wild, and have been known to steal the food and supplies of travelers.

Many people on Athos don’t trust Pixies. Why should they? To most, Pixies appear to be greedy and selfish. Pixies often live to be up to 400 years old, and some possess knowledge from many human lives worth of studying. Pixies make up for what they lack in physical strength with their high intellect. They are masters of magic, light and dark. Pixies have a very low birth rate, and live to be very old, and therefore have very little remaining variance in population. The only noticeable difference in race is between those pixies who choose to live in civilization versus those who don’t. Civilized pixies are noticeably fairer and lighter-skinned, while wild pixies are often darker in skin-tone.

Before The Great Plague, Pixies were nearly as common as any race on Athos. The Pixies had always resided on the continent of Sysitar, living among other races in harmony. The first Pixie to take the high throne of her homeland was also, regrettably, the last. The Plague took the population of Sysitar just 20 years after the end of the reign of the High Queen Ciscordania. The intended heir to her throne, her son Oberon, Light of Athos, was in taken by Athos into Heaven upon birth. When Ciscordania passed away and was unable to produce the heir to take her place, Hylar Tror, a trusted ally and friend of Ciscordania, took over and maintained the great nation’s prosperity.

Pixies in Athos Terrarum are well regarded. Humans have historically been kind and welcoming to their winged brothers. Many Pixies run major businesses in the cities of Athos Terrarum. Pixies in Elandir are extremely rare. Pixies often say there is something they don’t like about the continent. Many avoid it entirely. Encountering a Pixie in Elandir prompts amazement. However, Pixies are even more rare in the land of Grashnak, home of the Orcs. The people of Grashnak look down upon Pixies, and their appearance is often met with violence and rage. The Dwarven people of Brimir look upon their Pixie friends as brothers. Although they are not numerous in population, they have equal standing with the Dwarves who call Brimir their home.


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