Excerpted from the Encyclopaedia Athorium

The 65th and Chosen Child of Athos: Nemesis, or The Black Eclipse

Born of Athos and the human Nasriel in the year , Nox is the enemy of both God and the Races of Earth. Although born a twin (his brother Anatolius), Nox (just as were all of Athos’ children) was separated from familial relations. Nox immediately showed signs of higher skill and intellect than most of his siblings, leading to him being an early candidate for Succession.

Upon his 24th year, in 1025, he was selected to succeed Athos and left with his following of twenty demi-gods to Earth. Landing in Sysitar, Nox ascended the human throne and began rule. Although most accounts give him a favourable description, such charm was only to hide a soul corrupted by Apotheosis.

In 1032, Nox began plans to link the island of Sysitar in order to create a massive ritual in order to draw power and challenge Athos. Once the island was linked in 1040, Nox began drawing power in secret. As a result The Great Plague broke out, killing thousands. Two weeks later the ritual was complete and all life on the island was systemically eradicated in The Reckoning. As an interesting aside, a result of his betrayal was that his original title of ‘the Black Eclipse’ was forever stricken and replaced by ‘Nemesis’ by mortals. It is also used by many demigods in Council as well.

Nox gained impressive powers and began to destroy his father’s creation. In retaliation, Vinsanthius rallied the demigods who remained in Heaven and waged war with Nox. Nox, using his new powers, created the Shadar-Kai to fight for him. The War of Failed Succession, as it was called, lasted twelve years until Nox was finally defeated by Athos himself who supposedly threw him from Heaven when he charged the gates alone to take the seat of Heaven. From that day Nox went into hiding. There has been no evidence of his existence since that day.


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