The 132nd Child of Athos: Corpse Whisperer

“..don’t know why they speak to me! Those who should have been long gone continue to speak with unmoving mouths. Only I can hear their words, why? Why did you do this to me father, why? What sort of abomination am I? Why father? Why why why why why…”
Last Surviving Page of Nekolaj’s Journal

Born on the great continent of Sysitar, Nekolaj’s mother was a well respected High Elf in the land. While not as high as the mother of Oberon, his mother was deemed to have a strong possibility of Queendom. When Nekolaj ascended into the heavens, it was said that his mother was crying. The legend goes that when Nekolaj was born, he had a twin sister in the womb with him who died during childbirth. It is said that the infant boy was pushing away the dead child and he emerged from the womb, truly one with life and death.

During his younger years, Nekolaj was much like any of the other demigods. But once his training involved killing other creatures, his deeper talents revealed themselves. Once defeating a small group of goblins, he laid down beside their captain. While his squad mates searched the nearby area for treasures, he laid down and spoke to the body. Nox was with him, and watched as he spoke to the deceased goblin captain, and then rose and opened a secret door to the captain’s treasure. It was then that he earned his title, Corpse Whisperer.

As he grew older, however, his talent became a curse. Nekolaj began to spend most of his time in his private corners, and filled journals with his dark thoughts. Some of the Deva noticed this and followed him, learning that he was plagued by the whispers of bodies regardless of where he was. He began to lose his mind shortly before The Speech of Succession. Merely days before Athos chose his successor, Nox came to his brother and spoke to him in private. It is unknown exactly what they spoke of, but it is commonly believed that Nox convinced Nekolaj that his curse was a gift, and that he would teach him how to use it. Nekolaj then burned all his journals and became a stalwart servant of Nox.

During the War of Failed Succession, Nekolaj stood and fought besides Nox, with the newfound ability to raise the fallen to fight beside him. When Nox fell, he was eventually captured and commanded to join The Conclave. He, however refused. His head was taken by Visanthius The Shimmering Blade, for his defiance.

As of Session X
Nekolaj has been seen again, a powerful lich-like creature who draws his energy from a combination of Spirit Fuel and his psychosis. His insane mind was successfully banished to another plane, and his body was destroyed. However, The Party is quite sure that he will be once again able to deft death.


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