“It doesn’t matter who can swing fastest, or who can hit the hardest. The greatest offense cannot defeat my defenses.”

The Thirty-Third Child of Athos, Divine Smith

Tall for a Dwarf, Manisc never spent his time dedicated to the art of combat. Rather, he focused on his skills as a smith. While many of his brothers and sisters perfected their offense, he instead mastered the ways of forging armor. In his own words, “My brothers and sisters practice their offense against others with equally weak offense. An easy strike for all those involved and little practice for accuracy. But I have many who will test my defenses until they are perfected.”

When Nox was chosen, Manisc left for the Realm to perfect his art even more. After the war ended, Manisc told The Conclave that he was attacked by Nox, asking him to forge armor for him and his allies. When he refused, Nox came at him with full force, attempting to strike him in fury. But Manisc’s armor left him unscathed and Nox left without achieving his goal. From that day onward, he has not been harmed and always remains in his armor, fully protected.

He refuses to forge armor equivalent to his, and while he swears that he could recreate his own suit he will not. His most perfectly forged armor sells for fortunes, and he has purchased mansions on the sale of a single suit.


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