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Today’s Date : The 18th of Hyacin, in the Year 6051 of the Second Age

The Realm of Athos

Current Player Characters in this Campaign:

In Order of Appearance:

Mike – Striker : The Human Hexblade Warlock, Anatolius, The Azure Inferno
Sam – Leader : The Pixie Cleric, Oberon, The Light of Athos
Darragh – Controller : The Human Wizard, Simon Bloom, The Labyrinth
Passarelli – Defender : The Halfling Harrier Battlemind, Uruhua, The Heartbleeder
Peter – Defender : The Dwarf Paladin, Vondal Kildrak, The Shield of Athos
Nick – Defender : The Human Swordmage, Random, The Wanderer
Joe – Defender : The High-Elf Fighter, Valenae, The Siren

For more information on these demigods, see The Party.


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