Kraven Solur

Kraven Solur, The One Man Army, the 61st child of Athos

“Only fools ignore the advice of a genius. And so you must all be fools!”

Kraven Solur was the bossiest of the Demi-Gods, and this lead him to be poorly respected. He was born with an incredible talent for summoning creatures; some would have called him gifted, even by Demi-God standards. This was probably a great mistake on his part. His power gave him control over awesome creatures and this spurred his confidence into pompousness. It lead him to believe that he could treat everyone as an underling. Of course no one let him do so; he would whine and complain and summon monsters and cause all sorts of problems.

As the other Demi-gods grew stronger they realized that though Kraven was gifted, his monsters were only so powerful. In order to teach Kraven to be the leader he thought he was, he was put in charge of 3 of the most disorderly Demi-Gods: Yagal Fruck, Savan Couler, and Simon Bloom. They were the most disrespectful to him. Any of them could have lead their group, but none of them cared enough.
Kraven stayed neutral during the War of Failed succession. He was never clear on his reasons, but what mattered was his input on the Conclave. Being one of the head designers on many of the Conclave laws Kraven finally caught his stride. For the most part he spent his days protecting the Conclave with his army if monsters. He would leave to hone his skills or see how the world had changed, but his place was at the Conclave. His personality never truly settled and many of the Demi-Gods still disrespect his orders. He is rude and bossy, but those that fought beside him consider him a strong ally, they just choose not to listen.

Kraven Solur

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