History of Elandir

First Age

~800- First Settlers arrive on Elandir, landing on the west coast of what is now the Kingdom of Sylvania.
805- First autonomous Elandiran government formed, The East Isle Freedom Pact.
820- Zelor Tanwild The Pact’s most esteemed general, assassinates Chief Elandir and seizes the throne to become the first Elandiran dictator.
823-The Kingdom of Turodor is founded on the Eastfall Peninsula.
838- The Kindom of Raddaoh Tox is founded in the Great Clearing
840-1040- The three kingdoms engage in several minor wars
1001- Ricard Carreon, the Demigod son of Elena Carreon, Queen of Turodor is born.
1025- Ricard Carreon returns to The Realm of Athos and assassinates his mother, taking the throne of Turodor.
1040- The War of Failed Succession begins. Kingdoms cease warring and band together to combat the threat at hand.
1048- The Kingdom of Raddaoh Tox is conquered by the forces of Nox.
1050- Nox’s forces are driven from Raddaoh Tox. Desolace is founded.
1052- Nox is defeated and the war ends.

Second Age

0- Civilization reforms in Elandir under the three major Kingdoms, which now occupy all the land on the continent.
1005- The Turodorian army, under the command of Ricard Carreon, seizes the land on the west coast of the continent from the Dark Elves of Desolace.
1007- Carreon seizes Elandir’s southern coastline, now known as Roma, from Desolace.
1050- Revolts take place in The Pact’s largest city, Rothan, calling for the elderly King’s resignation.
1052- Esther Greenfoot, King of The Pact, is poisoned. The Kingdom descends into civil war.
1060- The Borathanians push The Pact’s forces to the Esthes River. The Pact grants Borathan its independence in exchange for peace. Immigrants from foreign lands flock to the great city of Rothan. The Pact dissolves, and the people raise Roshan Doramir to power. Doramir names his new Kingdom Sylvania
1400- Turodor captures the Great Clearing and gains control of Desolace.
1550- Turodor invades the islands of the Corvasian Sea, driving out the native people from the southernmost landmasses.
1660-1795- Borathan undergoes multiple changes of government. Rothan, now known as Tilde, is an uninhabitable war zone.
1796- The Dunefo Alliance, a democratic government based on racial equality, is formed in Borathan.
2507- The Romatan, Orcish pirates from the Corvasian Sea, form a military pact with Sylvania, and invade Turodor.
2540- Peace is declared. The Romatans now control the southern islands of the Corvasian Sea, as well as the southern coast of Elandir. Sylvania controls the forests of Desolace.
3001- The Romatan Islands declare independence from Roma. The agreement is mutual and the islands pay tribute to Roma every ten years.
3390-3399 Roma invades Sylvania. The Dark Elves of Desolace defend push the Romatan forces back in a long struggle, losing many soldiers and civilians.
3400- Sylvania grants Desolace its independence. The Dark Elves go into relative seclusion, allowing outsiders only in their major city, the Great Clearing.
4048- Reports of dark magic and unusual occurrences come out of Zaske, a large city in southern Borathan.
4050- The citizens of Zaske abandon the city, most of them leaving for northern Cisplatina
4800- The city of Ipansa is founded on the remains of Zaske
5022- Ricard Carreon declares himself King of all of Elandir. He is not recognized as such outside of his Kingdom of Turodor.

6046- Current

History of Elandir

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