Excerpted from the 1st Book of Athos:

A Brief Timeline of Genesis~

First Age (Given in the Naxori Trimphaleon)

0- Creation
1-300- Athos, Creator and Father, constructs the Earth into its shape. The races of Men, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, Pixies, and Gnomes develop. Other races come to exist as well by the grace of Athos.
345- Naxos is founded by the First Peoples on Sysitar.
347- Deva assume shape and work as seraphs to Athos.
412- Pyramus founded in North of Sysitar.
707- Unified government on Sysitar. Naxos is declared the capitol.
752- Time Seers construct The Tower of Twilight in Naxos.
800- First explorations begin. First landings on Athos Terrarum, Elandir, and Grashnak.
895- First exploration to the Far East establishes the Isla de Cachaca on Cisplatina
1000- Athos makes the Speech of Succession, announcing that the best of each species were to be bred in order to produce an offspring capable of succeeding Athos as ruler of the Earth.
1001- 150 Sons and Daughters of Athos are born simultaneously and begin training for selection.
1025- Nox, offspring of the Human Nasriel, is selected for Apotheosis. Upon the announcement, 100 leave Heaven to live on Earth, twenty join Nox, and thirty stayed with Athos.
1030- After five years of waiting, Nox goes to Earth to begin his rule and lands on Sysitar, land of first creation and a home to all races.
1032- Nox, seeking to gain more power becomes corrupted. Begins using Man to link Sysitar in order to initiate a massive blood sacrifice.
1040- Sysitar becomes linked. Unbeknownst to Athos, Nox begins drawing power. The Great Plague breaks out, killing thousands on Sysitar. Many flee. Two weeks after the outbreak Nox begins the ritual. The Reckoning occurs. Thousands instantly die. Pixies nearly extinct, no more than thirty survive. War erupts.
1040- The First War of the Orcs lasts three weeks and cements Orcish Hegemony in Grashnak after the flight from Sysitar.
1041- Shadar-Kai are created by Nox. Raids occur all around the planet. Casualties mount on both sides.
1040-1052- War of Failed Succession
1052- Nox goes into hiding. The War ends. 3/5th of all life on Earth exterminated.

Second Age

Since the end the war, Athos has been silent. From the ashes, the remaining demigods forged the start of a Second Age, and reset the year count to 0 so that the world might be born anew. This time began the Calendarius Universalis.

0- The Conclave is formed by the neutral demigods, and slowly those who aligned themselves to Athos or Nox join the conclave as well.
8- Sysitar is deemed uninhabitable, and a statue is erected on the island to honor the dead.
162- Nox is believed to have returned.
163- False Return of Nox proven to be false, just a powerful sorcerer who attempted to disguise as him to reinvigorate his followers. He is captured, tried, and executed by the Regulators.
1258- Elysium submits to Alara, joining the proto-Kingdom of Athos
1260- Tartarus relents to Alara, joining the proto-Kingdom of Athos
1264- The Academia Andraxicus is established by the former Elysian King Taeron Wintershield.
1265- The Kingdom of Athos is established and Athos Terrarum is officially confederated after Alara ends The War of the Duelling Hearts.
1378- The Church of Athos Dominus is established by The Convention at Persidae.
1863- The Senatorial Court of The Sovereign established as a byproduct of The Treaty of Karnost.
1894-1933- The Second War of the Orcs claims the lives of 2 of every 5 Orcs on Grashnak when war breaks out between nearly every Clan.
2164-2198- The Second Contact War begins. Athos Terrarum is invaded by Shadar-Kai. The species of Earth band together in order to combat the threat.
2198- General Hans Von Hollsborne, a Human, effectively leads The Kingdom of Athos to victory over the Shadar-Kai, and lays waste to the island of Zaragoza.
2314-2567- Church Rule on Athos Terrarum after a power grab by Padros Veritus IV.
2567- King Aldous Leatherfoot, a Tartarian, reestablishes the Parliamentary Monarchy and begins the 7th Dynastic Cycle.
3489- The Knights of Iscariot are formed by Padros Tarquinius I in order to protect The Kingdom of Athos from “demonic evils”.
4050- Mass Diaspora of millions of Elves from Elandir to Northern Cisplatina.
4072- The First Shinno Freehold is established.
4114- The First Shinno Freehold collapses.
4131- King Hector Adontres, a Troician, dies leaving no heir. End of the 15th Dynastic Cycle
4131-4158- The Adontrian Succession War.
4158- King Titus Rufio seizes the throne and begins the 16th Dynastic Cycle.
4671- The first type Press is developed. It will be 200 years before it becomes worldwide.
5000- The first Air Ship
5364- Start of the 22nd Dynastic Cycle by a Troician noble family. Repression of The Church of Athos Dominus begins.
5500- The first Warforged
5979- The Dynastic War of 5979 begins when the Caelerii execute the Troician Sovereign of twelve, Aedward Bourberon. End of the 22nd Dynastic Cycle.
5989- The Dynastic War of 5979 ends with the Caelerii claiming the throne of Athos, effectively beginning the 23rd Dynastic Cycle. The Church of Athos Dominus given back much of its former position.
5900- Kyokaru dissolves and forms the Second Incarnation of the Shinno Freehold.
5989-5992- Troician Rebellion. End with the occupation of Troix by Alara. Insurgency remains.
5992- The Shinno Freehold conquers the northern Cisplatinain kingdom of Sakan.
5994-5998- Shinno-Colonial War.
6000-Present- Colonial Strife between The Kingdom of Athos and the Colonies on Cisplatina.
6026-6041- The War of Cisplatinian Independence. Ends in a ceasefire and temporary peace.
6043- The Cisplatinian Protectorate is founded as a free state though is unrecognised by The Kingdom of Athos with whom it remains in a state of War.
6046- Current (Year 6316 in the Naxori Trimphaleon)
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