Elandir is the homeland of the Elves.
Occupied by Elves of many kinds, Elandir is politically decentralized. Each of the 6 regions of Elandir are autonomous and possess their own independent government. These governments are mostly kingdoms, with the exception of Turodor, an oppressive dictatorship.

Regions of Elandir

Sylvania – A forest haven in the center of Elandir. Cities and villages are usually built high in the trees of the dense woods that occupy the area. Populated almost entirely by Tree Elves.

Turodor – A powerful and oppressive Kingdom led by the Divine King Ricard Carreon, of Eastfall. The population, mainly High Elves, lives in fear of the powerful government.

Borathan – A region consisting of mainly plains. The population of Borathan is very diverse and includes a relatively high percentage of non-Elves. Borathan is home to the largest city in Elandir, Tilde.

Atlas Mountain – An independent state located on a mountain within the boundaries of Borathan. The population entirely consists of Dark Elves. Outsiders are not permitted to enter Atlas Mountain, and are largely unaware of what occurs there.

Desolace – The frozen forests of south Elandir are home to Dark Elves who live predominantly in seclusion. Society and government are vastly limited.

Roma – A merchant state located on the southernmost tip of Elandir. The people of Roma, mostly Orcs, are primarily occupied by shipping companies.

History of Elandir

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