Calendarius Universalis

The Calendarius Universalis is the most commonly used calendar for measuring the passage of time in all of The Realm of Athos. Based on a system of 364 days spread evenly across thirteen months, each calendar month contains twenty eight days named below. A week consists of seven days, each with an unique name, and are listed below from the week’s/year’s start to end. A day’s date is listed in one of two ways, either as the “X of The Month” or as “The X Day of the Month” For example, “The 18th of Vaesuary” could also be written as “The Third Laroken of Vaesuary.”

The Calendar was constructed some point after The Reckoning as a replacement for the old Lunar System. Although solar systems had been considered before, the Lunar Calendar had reined supreme. The complete annihilation of culture and union that was The Reckoning also laid waste to the old ways of counting days since people honestly believed that the desolation of Sysitar had forever changed scarred the progress of history. This change was slowly adopted over the first few hundred years of the Second Age and became the only official system still in use by the year 1048.

The Four seasons begin at regular, marked equinoxes.

The First of Athostus begins Spring
The Fourteenth of Xyklor begins Summer
The Fifteenth of Hyacin begins Autumn
The First of Kroocturn begins Winter

Names of A Single Week’s Day

1. Goranden
2. Spakknagen
3. Valaen
4. Laroken
5. Kusheren
6. Zren
7. Gracen

Names of Each Month

1- Athostus
2- Vaesruary
3- Xyklorr
4- Brinnler
5- Vinsil
6- Selenth
7- Hyacin
8- Agorix
9- Pix
10- Kroocturn
11- Buunigust
12- Ganjaga
13- Eclipstis

Calendarius Universalis

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