Athos Terrarum

Excerpted from the Encyclopaedia Athorium (ed. 5998.2)

The Home Continent of Men and the largest continent in The Realm of Athos. The Continent is approximately 4,000,000 sq miles. The population is some 80 million in total. All races of Earth can be found here but the vast majority, some 80%, is human while Gnomes make up the second most which is around 10-12%. The continent is ruled by a single confederated government.

The Kingdom of Athos

The Kingdom of Athos is a strict confederation of semi-conquered lands. It is made of up five provinces and kingdoms who swear fealty to a high king in Alara. The kingdoms were confederated in the year 1265 of the Second Age after Alara, having previously conquered Elysium and Tartarus as well as forcing Confederation with Meridem, stepped in to halt The War of the Duelling Hearts between Oradem and Troix which threatened to destabilise the continent, by invading them and forcing Confederation. This established a Kingdom of Men which has existed for over 4000 years, though in a variety of forms.

Natural Features


The Sanguine Wood- a large temperate deciduous forest which loosely marks the border between Oradem and Troix. It has been the site of many battles, hence its name.

The Dying Northlands- a dry savannah range that streches across the Central-North of Alara. The region receives just enough rainfall to sustain life, but dry or dead grass and foliage make up most of the thick wood.

The Black Forest- A wet temperate pinewood forest range. It covers most of Central Eastern Meridem, acting as a natural border between the Meridemian shoreline and the planes of Alara.

The South-Wood- a Dry pine forest which is normally covered in snow for most of the year, only thawing for the late Spring and Summer Months. It marks the last large wood before the frozen wasteland that makes up most of Northern Tartarus.


Xanthos- The long river system that runs deep into Troix.

Sciron and Goron- The two dominant river systems that run through Oradem. Sciron runs north Goron.

The Three Rivers:
Danthros- The Northern river, which irrigates the Alaran Planes.
Ruthrum- The Centre river, whose main stem serves as the southern border of Alara.
Tears of Athos- The Southern river system that runs into the Elysian Mountains.

Mountain Ranges

The Peaks of Hylas- The Mountain Range in Northern Meridem, rich in minerals and the Northernmost claim of Meridemian territory. North-Eastern point marks a common border between Alara, Meridem, Oradem, and Troix.

The Elysian Mountains- The Eastern most half of the Frozen Coast’s vast mountain range.

The Tartarean Stretch- The Western most half of the Frozen Coast’s vast mountain range.

Natural Biomes

The Alaran Planes- A vast grassland that separates Alara from Meridem.

The Frozen Waste- The Northern rocky planes that dominate Northern Tartarus from The South-Wood to The Tartarean Stretch.

The Dry-Lands- A dry, short grass prairie that stretches north from The Dying Northlands and covers most of Troix.

The Vorska- A marshland that covers the south-west lands of Oradem by the Sea.

The Arrows- The riverlands that run south from Alara into Northern Elysium.

The Frozen Coast- The Southern Icy beaches that run the south of the Continent below the Frozen Coast’s Mountain chain.

Shalestone Steppe- A rough and treacherous expanse of brittle rock, cliffs, and geysers that spit out heated gasses. The steppe ends in the east with towering cliffs at an average height of 400 ft and to the west where the shale dissipates into The Dying Northlands.

Athos Terrarum

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