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Athos, given the titles of God, Father, Creator, et. al., is the supreme lord and creator of life. There is no recorded past before creation. In the First Age, it is said that Athos walked the Earth in many forms, often having an active role in shaping his creation.

Athos is of many shapes and none. Taking any form he is deemed an omnimorphous numen, a spirit of all forms. Often, he takes the image of a kingly old man; wiser still beyond his age.

After giving the Speech of Succession he created 150 sons and daughters from the best of each race. He then charged his Seraphs, Deva Constructs, with raising the children until he found a suitable heir.

Upon their 25th year, he choose Nox to be his sole heir. From Heaven, Athos charged Nox, the Deva, and his remaining faithful children with continuing the growth of the world as they saw fit.

In 1040, it came to Athos by report from his faithful son Elander, Plague-Bearer, that Nox was responsible for The Great Plague. But he refused to believe that he had been betrayed. After The Reckoning, Athos wept for five days. On the sixth day, his son Vinsanthius, the Shimmering Blade, summoned his faithful siblings to mount war against Nox. As a result they too were shunned from returning to heaven. The War of Failed Succession, as it came to be known, took twelve long years.

The war ended in 1052 when Athos was confronted by Nox over the ruins of Sysitar and fought for the future of creation. When Nox wounded Athos, he fled into Heaven. Nox gave chase but upon reaching the gates he was struck down to Earth by mysterious means. No trace of Nox’s body was never recovered and Athos never again passed through the gates onto Earth.

Athos’ existence after the First Age is neither provable nor unprovable and though acts, or miracles, of divine origin are suggested, they are unable to be proven. Due to the march of time and history, much of the relevant information on Athos in the first age is destroyed or in poor condition, this has only added to speculation on the true nature and involvement of Athos. While religions attempt to interpret this information in a variety of ways, they all stand on the equalising plane of significant doubt, therefore making faith an important aspect in Athosian religious devotion.

Other Names of Athos

Orcish- Turok
Elvish- Asthur
Dwarven- Kaz-Doran
Shadar-Kai (Tongue of Night)- Sul

The Great Continent of Man

Aside from being the only given name of God, Athos is also the name given to the large continent of Earth ruled by Man. To differentiate the two, Athos, the continent, will be termed Athos Terrarum.

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