150 Sons and Daughters of Athos

Excerpted from the Encyclopaedia Athorium

The Spawn of the Holy Eternal

When Athos decided to seek a successor, he selected the strongest females of every species on Earth and, by divine providence, impregnated them. Exactly one year later, on the third moon of the One Thousand and First Cycle, 150 Sons and Daughters were birthed to these females. On that day, they were proclaimed to their peoples and then taken by Deva servants of Athos into the heavens. And for nearly 24 years these children were trained and tested until the lord Athos himself could decide upon a worthy successor.

The demigods are gifted with powerful abilities and rare powers as a result of their lineage. These Athosian children are immortal through time and to kill one is near impossible. In heaven, though now lost, they earned what was called ‘heavenly form’, which means that they gained wings and the ability to fly from them. They were earned through their own force of will once they achieved greater, beyond heroic, powers. These wings faded from the demigods shortly after being on Earth.


First Age

We have gathered from primary sources that training began immediately with age appropriate development tactics designed to stimulate the godlike powers resting within each child. Through early childhood and young adulthood they endured rigorous physical as well as academic exercises daily. During these years the siblings were also paired into small groups of 4-5 based on their strengths and weaknesses in order to develop their abilities further. Many of the Demigods still embrace the special bond they shared with their squadmates. These squads were often charged with orders from Athos and his Deva in order to stimulate growth, power, and teach them about the Earth one of them would eventually rule.

An the first day of the One thousandth and twenty first year, Athos declared Nox his successor. Before the selection Athos declared that each Demigod would be free to chose their own path from that point on, but also offered them a home with him for eternity. Leaving, however, also bared the weight of never being allowed to return. On that day twenty of the Demigods left to follow Nox, thirty declared allegiance to Athos, and ninety-nine left to fulfill their own desires.

During The War of Failed Succession, Nox went to war with Athos. Athos, in mourning, sent none of his children to combat. So, under the leadership of Vinsanthius, The Shimmering Blade, the angels of Athos defied their father’s silence and abandoned Heaven to combat their brother, which as a result bared them from return. During the war nine of the Demigods died. Five Athosian and four of the Noxarii. The war reaped havoc on the Demigods, who had previously thought themselves invulnerable. To kill each of the nine required massive power and force, culminating in epic battles that scarred the ancient world.

After Nox was defeated by Athos, he disappeared. The neutral demigods, seeing their brothers and sisters kill each other founded The Conclave and took twenty volunteers to become the Regulators, a force devoted to the continued survival of the demigods against all threats. This force brought together the warring siblings and forced them into The Conclave as equals. A lasting peace ensued and the Regulators were made into a permanent institution.

Second Age

After the war only three other demigods are known to have been killed. Elanus, the Great Hunter of the Western Winds, was killed by a massive dragon who had laid waste to villages in Troix on the continent of Athos. The others, Krystor, the Iron Mind, and Valarian, of the Thunderous Voice, were destroyed by the Regulators for refusing to accept a peace decided by The Conclave.

One hundred and thirty-seven demigods currently comprise The Conclave.

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A list of demigods can be found in The Book of Athosian Nomenclature.



Though, for all intents and purposes, demigods refer to themselves as immortal beings, they are not. Demigods have died from mortal wounds of the flesh. Though they heal better and are stronger than mortals they still may succumb to disease and pain. Age is a separate issue.

The Demigod Tyloria, the Poison Lipped, is the only demigod who seems to have been affected by any the aging so quickly. Around 4000, her youth and beauty began to slowly fade. At present in The Fifth Millennium of the Second Age she is close to resembling the age of 63. After much research on her it was judged that she was simply growing old. Very few of the demigods show much of aging as nearly all have a stable physical age of around twenty-seven. She is the currently the only demigod seen as on the downward end of their years which are currently speculated at approximately >70000 years. This theory of age is not wholly accepted by the Conclave and any knowledge of aging is kept from mortals. It is said that since no demigod has ever died by natural causes in the last 7000 years, the theory lacks proper evidence. For now, all the children of Athos may do, is wait.


The offspring of demigods have shown to display a small proportion of the power of Athos in comparison to their sires but still contain it. That proportion halves in each subsequent generation. Still, the power grants them inhuman skill and ability in ways relating to their sires powers. Their lives on average last only slightly longer than their mortal counterparts.

Heavenly Form

In heaven, though now lost, demigods earned what was referred to as the ‘heavenly form’, which means that they gained wings and the ability to fly. They were earned through their own force of will once they achieved greater, beyond heroic, powers during training. Unfortunately, these wings faded from the demigods shortly after being on Earth. During the War of Failed Succession, most demigods still had their wings and the first phase of the war is often regarded as a “Winged Conflict”. The last demigod’s wings faded the day after The Conclave was established.

150 Sons and Daughters of Athos

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