Vondal Kildrak, The Shield of Athos


Vondal is the 44th child of Athos. He was born to Athos and Kildraka. He was named after his grandfather Vondal. In the tradition of Kildraka’s clan, the Dronari, Vondal received Kildrak as his last name. Vondal was then risen to heaven by Athos in a flash of light. Vondal would never see his mother again.
His time training with Athos served to make Vondal a master with all weapons. As Father Athos told him, “A true demigod can use even rock or stone as powerful weapons.” Vondal took this to heart and mastered all he could. However Vondal, ever fond of his dwarven heritage, did all he could to learn the ways of the Dronari. Dronargh, the clan’s founder, had always used a spear and shield in combat. Being of the Mountains Clan, he preferred these weapons for the battles which occurred within the Brimir Mountains. They allowed him to funnel his foes into his killing zone where he then massacred them. Among all his brothers and sisters Vondal is known for his throwing shield. Because of his affinity for the shield Father Athos gave Vondal his current shield, Aegis.
“My son, with this gift I deem you the Shield of Athos! May you go forth in this world and guard these mortals from the darkness.”-Father Athos
Vondal was sent forth to Earth and fought for Athos against Nox. Upon the defeat and presumed death of Nox, Vondal set off to find his mother and the Dronari clan.

His journey took him from The Corvasian Sea to Brimir. Upon reaching Brimir he ran afoul of a Sand Dweller clan know as the Crolars. He had simply trespassed on their lands and for that they threatened him with a clan war. Vondal laughed it off and continued inland. Upon reaching the mountains Vondal made his way towards Drrummerrt, capital of the Mountain Dwarf clan. He spent a great deal of time there trying to track down his clan. Eventually he found that his clan lived in the southern most area of the Brimir mountains. Upon finding the area where his clan should be Vondal found nothing but destruction. The destruction was quite old however. Vondal made his way through the ruins of the village and found the center. Vondal looked around and sat. He sat and began praying to Father Athos for help, for guidance; none came. A devout son, Vondal waited. He prayed and sat. He hunted small game which moved in and around the ruined village. After several years Vondal stood. He had given up trying to pray to Father Athos. Instead he started to dig. After all he was Dwarf and that IS what Dwarves do! He used Aegis, his shield, and slowly began to move topsoil. Eventually he dug deep enough and found a hole. In this hole lay a small chest. In this chest lay a map. This map showed a path which Vondal immediately began following. The map led him back to the Corvasian Sea and to the Orc lands of Grashnak. Here trouble began…

Upon the shores of Grashnak, Vondal encountered Orcs. Big hulking beasts, they wanted nothing, but to crush the “little man.” Vondal, not wanting to be confused with humans, decided to defend himself. He began what the Orcs call a Krusadt or a crusade. He laid waste to a few small Orcish settlements. All the while he followed the map. He eventually came to the North coast of Grashnak. Finding nothing Vondal tore the map up. He once again sat, this time a little less devout to Father Athos. Once more he began praying. Once again nothing happened. Vondal was once again greatly disappointed. He began to regret the destruction he had wrought upon the Orc settlements. But once more Vondal began to dig. And once more he found a small chest in an even deeper hole. In this chest were several items. Vondal found an old book written in Dwarven detailing the history of his clan. He found a clan banner with his clan’s symbol on it. This he used to paint a design upon the Aegis. Lastly he found an old wolf’s hood. It fit perfectly upon his head. The hood had been stretched to allow the wearer to see through the wolf’s eyes. These were not actual wolf’s eyes, but a pair of jewels carved to look like a wolf’s eyes. Vondal journeyed to a nearby Orc coastal village. In the night he stole away upon a small Orc ship and sailed back to Brimir. Upon landing he made his way into the mountains once more. Vondal began carving out a hole for himself in the side of the mountain. He dug so that he would have a sight of the ocean. For a dwarf he did always like the sea.

Vondal lives in his hole translating the book of his clan into readable text. The dwarven is that of an old school and is hard to read in some spots. The further he gets the more he knows.

When the 4th Emergency Council was called, Vondal took his two books, wolf’s hood, and aegis shield with him. He covered over his hole and left for the Council…

Vondal Kildrak, The Shield of Athos

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