Athos: The Return

Session LXXVII: House of my Father

Chapter 77: House of my Father

The swift rolling flakes of white snowflakes sped like rotary blades across the stone chamber. A stinging cold, blustering against the walls, sped forth unseen from the harshest reaches of frigid Stygia. Conjured by the eternal will of Athos, the snowmen raced along the ice with ease spinning their claws into each demigod, leaving frost bitten flesh and chilled armor that rattled the bones.

High above reined Anatolius. In the center, a massive creature of crimson ice, bleeding wildly and commanding his minions through a harsh and repeating guttural roar.



The reverberating icicles crashed down from the ceiling returning the Demigods to their plane and their first encounter within the First Dungeon. A cold entry, save for Anatolius, whose fire, an Azure aftermath emblazoned black from its essence proved again the might of spirit fuel. This unlimited power gave to Anatolius a great key to many doors. Like the platinum adornments of the dungeon.

Known by an old name, Kor-dò-Rahm, or The-Place-Beyond-the-Rahm, hidden atop Rahm, a holy mountain. Below ran the rivers in the Aequos where emerald laden fords now transmuted leaden from the alchemy poisoning the whole of the land. Inaccessible to civilization in the days of High Athos and now, the refuge proved less difficult than expected.

The Ancient steps, hewn from the rock of the mountain and shaved smooth through perilous and tedious centuries by the old Monks of the Holy doors. So spoke, in honour of the Athos’ promise for ‘Praise beyond Life’ made in the earliest days to the Dwarves, the 2nd Chieftain of the Dwarven people founded the Monastery to continue to build a Temple. Though in several centuries it became clear the Dwarven chieftains, ever more splintered and decentralised failed to send the money and labour required to build the temple. The doors, the final and most consistently planned from the days of the 2nd Chieftain left unmade. The King in Aequos, who ruled from a diplomat’s loft in Naxos, said that the temple would stay open so the wind could keep the dust off the alter. So forth come Athos.

Emblazoned by such ill regard to his promise, Athos came to the capitol in a torrent of fury. Brought forth, the Right hand of Athos forged a 1st great Platinum door in the Air in its form. Then came the left and a second door flashed into existence. Then upon them Athos carved a prophesy.

The great unhinged spectacle of creation atop scenes of Athosian life descending into evermore grand scenes of a dual fate. From the power of Athos came beauty and glory, then pouring down upon men the beating sun at the right and the crescent moon on the left. Two scenes. One of glory and the unyielding strength of progress. Men in fields poured love into their works and art and beauty hailed a glorious day to come again and again. Then to the left. That scene of everlasting night familiar now to us all. Such horrors are known and their effigy now is not as shocking as on that day. Then, flashing into the ether, the Event over Naxos ended with a violent earthquake, ruining a great deal of the City and rippling far across the continent. That night, the Monastery monks whom, coming from their beds at the rumbling violence of the earth and stars appearing to fall from the sky, were astonished as the sky lit up with the brightness of the doors, now fixed onto the temple. Though the doors proved locked and immobile. As they would stay but to the children of Athos, even now.

The next day, the King of Aequos drank hemlock in a public square and died.

Now, in such a fury, the Red Frost struck out. A whirlwind of blistering energy struck Oberon and left his body to clank onto the ice and skid gently along the ground. Quickly, the heat and health to return the Pixie leader proved immediate. Uruhua, rushing quickly, revived the Demigod, whose light erupted and shattered the ice quickly enough. Damaging though the fight remained, the black flames poured onto the Frost beast weakened its constitution. Shaking off continual barrages and with fierce and blind rage threw itself against Simon’s walls and crawling forth on cracked pine. Scratching and blasting, its presence struck greater chills. Its bestial roars poured forth evermore as it clawed forth, weakening each demigod and summoning evermore frosts to battle.

Quickly, Simon called out:

“Illusory! C4 through AE4!”

In a Thick haze a tall barrier erupted from the ground and at once the battle opened once more. At the other end, a mirror of haze. Here, target practice.

Roaring headlong at the haze, Red Frost called out and began to scratch wildly.

Lifting his right hand, Anatolius marked the frost slamming itself against the wall mercilessly. Then, he stretched out his left. A sphere of energy quickly whipped up and then sparked flames black as the night sky. Then, force. Anatolius, gently bending his thumbs, as his father once had in a time before his, fed the flame until in a fraction of time the sphere exploded its borders into a maelstrom of heat and grew into a great size before it reached the ground and launched forward like a cannon shot with a loud crack.

Passing through the wall, it struck the Frost, who raged as the pressure spun with friction against the thickly packed snow until speeding through the beast and settling in the cavity of its chest.

Crying now wildly, the beast wept a thick bleeding slush where it fell and ripped at its heart, soon flailing across the ice, leaving itself behind as it crashed haphazardly against the ice.





Finally, after failing to scratch out the now rapidly extinguishing flame, soaked by blood, oozing and boiling like magma. The stench caused the demigods to gag. Stepping quickly and unhindered by such horrible sights, the demigods proceeded. They had seen both sides of the Platinum Gate in their long Eras.

The ice melted quickly and fizzled from the humid atmosphere left from battle. The room was quiet, but the dungeons called forth.



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